Blade Break 2 Edit

Blizzard Edit

Breath of Flame Edit

Cloak Edit

Cloak & Dagger Edit

Dervish Edit

Dispell Edit

Envenom Edit

Firestrike Edit

Focus Edit

Focused Assault Edit

Frontal Assault Edit

Gem Barrage Edit

Grace of Winds Edit

Greater Heal Edit

Greater Recall Edit

Heal Edit

Intense Assault Edit

Killing Blow Edit

Massive Assault Edit

Might of Shields Edit

Might of Shields 1 Edit

Might of Shields 2 Edit

Mind Rust Edit

Plasma Field Edit

Recall Edit

Rush Edit

Shield Rend 1 Edit

Shroud Edit

Strength of Blades 2 Edit

Syphon Edit

Thundercloud Edit

Thunderstorm Edit

Torrent of Flame Edit

Triple Strike Edit

Sita, War Maiden *

Whirlwind Edit

Zen Edit

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